Class Information

Class Descriptions

Ballet/Tap Combo (ages 3-4 & 5-7)

This class is designed for young children beginning to dance. Students increase their understanding of movement and space in creative ways that build strength, balance, flexibility and musicality, and develop fundamental movement skills and coordination through beginning ballet and tap technique.  Our classes help students establish a solid foundation to grow from with confidence.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo (ages 8-10)

Student must be 8 by November 15th.  This class will combine all three forms of dance technique and will begin to challenge the student more in their level of technique, memory and musicality.


Ballet is a great foundational technique for all forms of dance and enables the student to be proficient in all areas of dance. Ballet class teaches proper body alignment while building muscle strength, flexibility, grace, poise, balance, self-discipline and self-confidence. It is recommended that all students continue to study ballet in addition to other forms of dance. Ballet is required for a student to take Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Musical Theater, and Technique.


Pointe classes are offered upon instructor approval to advanced students with the technical strength and development in their feet, legs and torso. Several years of ballet study are required before a student will be approved for Pointe class. A length of pre-pointe class work will also be required, this varies between students.  Average age to begin Pointe work is age 12. Requirement: Student must be in ballet class.


Modern class is for students that have at least 2 years of ballet training and they must be 10 years of age by November 15th. Modern dance classes explore many different styles of technique and expression through movement. We love exploring new movement and artistic expression with our students! Classes involve floor work, stretching, improvisation and some partnering work. Some of the classical modern techniques incorporated are Horton, Limon and Graham. Requirement: Student must be in ballet class.


Contemporary/Lyrical is offered to ages 6th grade and up.  Lyrical is a combination of ballet, jazz and modern techniques and all styles of movement focusing on interpreting the emotion and lyrics of music. Ballet class is required for Lyrical class.


Jazz class is offered to ages 8 (by Nov 15th) and older, and at least 2 years of previous dance training. Involved in a class are body isolations, floor work, stretching, conditioning and strengthening exercises, progressions and learning of commercial, theatrical, Broadway and street dance jazz styles. Requirement: Student must be in ballet class.


The focus of this class will be dynamic turns, jumps and leaps as well as strengthening and flexibility exercises required to accomplish consistent, clean turns, jumps and leaps. Requirement: Student must be in ballet class.


Pom/Cheer is a fun class to learn synchronized movements, technique and terminology along with stretching and the learning of routines. Requirements to take this class are at least one year of previous dance training.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop class is open to any student.  It is recommended that the student also be enrolled in a jazz or ballet class. Hip Hop is a high-energy class that will build upon strength, precision, flexibility and teamwork, skills and tricks.  Hip Hop dance is a very isolated, precise street dance style. Students must be 8 by November 15th.


Tap classes will combine the learning of tap terminology as well as several different styles of tap technique and musicality. Students will develop rhythm, timing, coordination, counter rhythms and improvisation skills.


Clogging class is different from tap class and uses different terminology, style of dancing and shoes. Clogging is a fun; high-energy class open to Kindergarten through adult.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater students should have 2 years of previous dance training and must be enrolled in ballet class. This class will combine jazz technique with theatrical elements and learning quick footwork, precision, specific arm movements and a bit of acting as well! This class is open to 6th through 12th grade.