T’Dance School Of Performing Arts offers a high quality of dance education in a family atmosphere. We provide an environment that is supportive, encouraging and conducive to learning. The instructors are dedicated to their art of dance and annually attend training workshops and seminars to be able to bring the finest in instruction to their students.

We believe in training the individual personality of each dance student and realize that each student has chosen to be involved in dance for different reasons or goals. We want all of our students to have an enriching experience and to learn discipline, dedication and responsibility as it relates to their dance education.

T’Dance facilities include a large lobby area for families to pick up and watch their T'Dancers during our observation weeks. We have 3 spacious studios and also 3 changing rooms with lots of storage! Parking is to the east of the building and we have also have a drop off/pick up lane in the front of the building. The T'Dance staff consists of 12 passionate instructors and 12 eager dance assistants all with same the goal - to provide your child with a quality dance education in a safe and encouraging environment!